Subj: Obama is a TARHEEL!!! PLEASE FORWARD!!!

While much of the country’s attention is focused on Jeremiah’s Wright’s racial diatribes, Cindy McCain’s bank account, Hillary’s choice of liquor, Obama’s alleged Muslim-ness and Miley Cyrus’ bare back, the REAL STORY has slipped beneath the radar and been suppressed by the MSM:

Barack Hussein DEAN SMITH Obama is a TARHEEL!!!

Yes, I’m afraid it’s true. He was recently seen schmoozing with their prickly, thin-skinned HC Roy Williams and his gang of underachieving, powder blue cream puffs at the UNC basketball complex. This sick and galling display of political pandering can be seen here.

WARNING: The one of him posing with Psycho T, Williams and a very flabby Sam Perkins is NSFW!!!

As you can see, the fix is on as Obama appears to be keeping up with the much younger, taller and faster Tar Heels. But sources tell me that he made at most 2-3 trips up and down the floor before his Secret Service detail intervened and pulled the heaving, gasping Presidential wannabe to the sideline where he was administered oxygen, IV fluids and a massage. That’s right—a massage. Oh, and a PEDICURE TOO!!!

Another photo shows Obama driving the lane with Psycho T pretending to try to pack his shot while the rest of the Heels part like the Red Sea and let him through.

And get this: HE MISSED!!! I don’t know about you, but I want a president who can hit a layup, especially when it’s a blasted gimme, for Pete’s sake.

Barack Hussein DEAN SMITH Obama’s flirtation with the Heels clearly demonstrates that the million dollars he has illegally funneled to his East German-trained Marxist cousin in Kenya who is behind the latest uprisings there is the LEAST of our worries. The man doesn’t even have enough love of country to recognize who America’s team REALLY IS!!!

So, if you are a TRUE PATRIOT who loves God, country, CHRISTian Laettner and the American Flag all rolled into one, PLEASE FORWARD this email to your entire address book IMMEDIATELY!!!

The fate of our way of life hangs in the balance. May God help us all.


UPDATE: This is the video that Barack Hussein DEAN SMITH Obama does NOT want you to see!!!

  1. Mike the Eyeguy

    Needless to say, the bumper sticker is OFF!!!

  2. greg

    I thought Obama had the good judgment that one needs to run the country.

    Clearly, I was wrong.

  3. Mike the Eyeguy

    Hillary/Limbaugh and McCain must be licking their chops right about not. Not to mention O’Reilly.

  4. JRB

    He’s just doing what a politician has to do. It’s not like he’s a prophet or anything.

  5. Mike the Eyeguy

    What’s that sound? Just another Obamabot rushing to his defense.

    BTW, this post is dedicated to my dear friend, — in Searcy, Arkansas who forwarded me the email from “Kenyan missionaries” Celeste and Loren Davis.

    Thanks for the heads up, but as you can see, I have bigger fish to fry!

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