Good Tidings


You never know whether Good Bama or Bad Bama is going to show up for a game. We lucked out Saturday night as we watched Good Bama, who had been on vacation against Tulane last week, thrash Western Kentucky 41-7 from our nosebleed seats atop the north end zone. We learned that if you just close your eyes and think cool thoughts, it feels just like you’re sitting in one of those fancy-pants air-conditioned skyboxes.

We saw lots of Tide touchdowns from a very balanced run/pass attack (freshman running back Mark Ingram, by the way, is the real deal), and the lone Hilltopper touchdown was the first scored on the defense this year. Although to be fair to the first-stringers, only one or two of them were on the field when that happened as Coach Saban was already going to the bench by as early as midway through the second quarter.

Meanwhile, in baseball, Auburn edged out Mississippi State 3-2. What a barn burner, so to speak, that one must have been.

I didn’t see Amanda, but hopefully she’s famous now after my community column that appeared in Sunday’s Huntsville Times. I’m sure she’s fighting off the paparazzi and autograph hounds, just like me.

On to Fayetteville, where perhaps the eternal question will finally be answered: Do pigs really wear lipstick, or is all that red just from a bloody lip?

Good Monday morning, and RTR.

  1. mmlace


  2. Mike the Eyeguy

    I’m just trying to get something started. I have a feeling most of my Arkansas readers are asleep, save for you.

  3. whoopigsooie

    Hey Eyeguy, bring your Parade All Americans, your #1 recruiting class, your 4 million dollar coach and your houndstooth hats and we’ll supply the lipstick. Oh…and make sure Leigh Tiffin doesn’t miss the bus; please bring him! He was a crowd favorite on his last trip to Fayetteville. Hogs by a duece. On the pic-(I sat in that exact section in Tuscaloosa last year except about 20 rows down. Great atmosphere;depressing ending)

  4. Brady

    Glad Alabama did so well against such a powerhouse team.

    And I saw that Auburn scored all 5 of those points. What a game.

  5. Mike the Eyeguy


    Bus? Piggy, I don’t think we’ll be able to navigate the dirt roads leading up to Hawgville in a Greyhound; I suspect it’ll take a helicopter drop.

    And don’t worry, Tiffin will be there, longer and straighter than ever after all those sessions with the sport psychologist. But the one you’re really gonna love is Mark Ingram, whose old school knock ’em down, drag ’em with ya style of running is surely making The B’ar smile up thar in That Great Practice Tower in the Sky.

    It’ll be a great game. All the SEC games are. Oh wait, there was that little baseball game in Starkville last weekend…

  6. Mike the Eyeguy

    Brady, hey dude, glad you’re home safe and sound. Yeah, WKU didn’t put up much of a fight, but as you may recall we did beat Clemson a couple of weeks ago, the most over-rated 9th ranked team in the country!

    We watched the last few moments of that game at a tailgater’s tent on the quad. 3-2 would have been a more exciting soccer match.

  7. mmlace

    That’s okay, Dr. Eyeguy, you’re allowed to be a lil hateful! That’s where half the fun is!

    We’ll just see if you’re quite as hateful on Saturday!

  8. Mike the Eyeguy

    You know me, I’m always a gracious winner.

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