Soul Food For The Morning After

I was extremely proud of both President-elect Obama and Senator McCain during their respective speeches last night. I thought they were both pitch perfect–humble, gracious, conciliatory, both obviously mad in love with this country. Hardly the rantings of a terrorist Antichrist or a senile, warmongering monster, two caricatures which, despite millions of dollars in negative ads over the course of the past few months, just don’t quite stick.

Speaking of pitch perfect, my good friend Doug Mendenhall, Huntsville Times columnist and journalism professor at Abilene Christian University, offers up a nice portion of soul food for the morning after.

Whether you’re a conservative, liberal or something in between, bon appetit and God bless.

  1. kristiS

    During last night’s concession speech, I was reminded of a couple of things: 1) I suspect McCain never wanted to be President this go-round and 2) Original McCain, the McCain I would’ve gladly voted and campaigned for eight years ago. Obviously I believe the best man won, now we just need to get over ourselves, lick our wounds and prepare to do the very best we can with the horrific mess we’ve gotten ourselves into.

  2. cg

    Yep, the Good Book says even satan himself can appear as an ‘angel of light.’

    Let’s hope and pray B.O.’s ideals don’t weaken and destroy our country beyond repair.

  3. Mike the Eyeguy

    kristi–well put.

    cg–oh brother, let it go for pete’s sake. If our country can survive some of the Constitutional trampling that’s its undergone the last few years, I think it can survive President Barack Obama.

    You are going to be praying for him, right? Right?

  4. cg

    I will always respect the office of president of this great country, but I don’t always have to respect the man who holds it. Especially one who is considered the most liberal of all liberals; one who supports gay marraige and abortion, and other anti-christian ideals.

    Pray for him? You bet. Because of what he believes and the position he now holds, he needs all the prayers he can get.

  5. Mike the Eyeguy

    Well, and as he said last night in remarks directed toward those like you who didn’t vote for him, he aims to be “your president too.”

    And I expect he appreciates your prayers.

    I heard that whole “respect the office, not the man” mantra back in the 90s too. Only problem was, I didn’t hear a lot of prayers coming forth from our churches for that particular “man” who held the “office.” I did hear a lot of tasteless jokes, some of them told from the pulpit during sermons.

    Maybe the next 8 years will be different. We can always hope.

  6. cg

    I’ll pray for you too Eyeguy – and all the rest of us:)

    BTW, I always heard (and even lead) prayers for the leadership of our country back in the 90’s. And I don’t recall ever hearing any of those ‘tasteless jokes’ from the pulpit or christians in general at congregations I attended then. But I still despised Clinton’s antics in the White House.

  7. mmlace

    Thanks for that link, Dr. Eyeguy. God bless & much love!

  8. Mike the Eyeguy

    cg–I appreciate that. Where were you living at the time? I’m betting not the Deep South.

    I remember when, while teaching a Bible class in 1996, I dared to suggest that Jesus was neither a Republican nor a Democrat; people looked at me like I was, you know, some kind of terrorist.

    mmlace–as always, thanks. Don’t worry, I’ll get back to blogging about football soon enough. 🙂

  9. cg

    No, not the Deep South, I was in Kansas at the time, but still south of Michigan. 🙂

  10. mmlace

    Dr. Eyeguy, you should know by now that I read you for more than football!!!

    Granted, I’m not huge into the political discussions. Perhaps because I fall in that “somewhere in between” category.

    But I do respect your opinion and appreciate the insight found here that’s valuable to all, whether liberal, conservative, or somewhere in between.

  11. Mike the Eyeguy

    If I ever get elected president, you’re going to be my chief of staff.

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