What Is A “Ute” Anyway?

It’s official–Bama versus the Utah Utes in the Sugar Bowl.

But you know how people from Alabama stumble over big words. What is a “Ute” anyway?

Fortunately, Joe Pesci has the answer.

  1. cg

    I thought of the Pesci line in this movie as soon as I saw your question. That scene between Joe Pesci and (judge) Fred Gwynne is classic.

    BTW, Ute is an Indian tribe from whom the state of Utah derives its name.

  2. JRB

    I’ve got big love for Utah, so to speak.

    The University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law gave me my first big break in academic publishing, accepting my first professional scholarly writing for the Journal of Law and Family Studies. You know they’re all about the study of families in Utah.

    Utes rule.

  3. Mike the Eyeguy

    Yeah, the study of families going waaaay back…

    So much for conference loyalty. Mercenary.

    I considered that this post could be deemed “politically incorrect,” i.e. my obvious ignorance of Native American sensibilities and what not.

    Then I thought, wait, most of the Utes are probably Mormans anyway. They probably don’t even know how to trash talk without trying to convert somebody. What are they going to do to me, take away my caffeine?

    *Gasp*…anything but that…

  4. JRB

    Oh, I didn’t say I was rooting for them. Conference loyalites trump all. I only said I have some Ute Love deep in my heart.

  5. Mike the Eyeguy

    Whew…thought we’d lost you there for a second.

    And I’m pulling for the Gators, too. It’ll take some work, but I’ll manage to work up a good, Go Gators! come 1/08/09. It wouldn’t be the first time.

    Dream scenario: TOSU takes Texas in an ugly, mistaken-ridden, low-scoring affair (not likely, but a guy can dream, right?).

    Then OU gets Tebowed by 3-4 TDs.

    Then Bama not only beats but nearly shuts out the Utes, tacking on 30+ points themselves.

    Florida #1, Bama #2, SEC King of the World.

  6. greg

    Every time I see Utah on television I think of Fred Gwynn.

  7. Mike the Eyeguy

    Amen on Fred Gwynne. “Car 54, Where Are You?”

    Heh. And don’t even get me started on Herman.

  8. Laurie

    Are they really the Utes? Seriously? Wow. You couldn’t do that in Seattle. We are WAY too PC up here.

    My husband’s family has Utah roots. He’s descended from Brigham Young’s brother — the pagan one who was excommunicated or something. My kids weren’t excited at all by this fact. But the fact that they’re distant, distant cousins of former quarterback Steve Young got their attention. At least back in his playing days.

  9. Mike the Eyeguy

    If the Utes are like the Seminoles at Florida State, that particular tribe may be getting some kickback for use of the name. Money has a way of smoothing things like that out.

    Steve Young? Meh. Donnie and Marie–now that would be exciting!

  10. Mike the Eyeguy

    cg–sorry, your comment got captured in the Spam filter because of the hyperlink. I released it!

  11. cg

    Thanks Eyeguy. I was beginning to wonder if I had been officially banned. I’ll behave, I promise!

  12. Mike the Eyeguy

    As long as you don’t become a Russian spammer and change your name to GHYWKDLOSUPY you should be fine.

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