Prepare To Be Assimilated

Before the Matrix, there were the Borg. The Borg were those half-humaniod, half-machine cyborgs on Star Trek: The Next Generation who went marauding around the universe “assimilating” everything and everyone in their path. Dare to buck a Borg, and you would end up “enhanced” with cybernetic implants and connected together with other Borg drones to function as part of a collective mind controlled by the Borg Queen and a central hub, Unimatrix One. But really, it’s ok because it was all in the name of “improving the quality of life for all species.”

Keep this charming little scenario in mind as you watch this (a hat tip to blogger extraordinaire Bill Gnade over at Contratimes for bringing this to light). I agree with Bill’s suggestion to wear headphones while viewing, and I would add that you might want to turn down the room lights as well for the full effect. Bottom line, this short film suggests that with each blog entry we write and every Google search that we perform, we come one step closer to full “assimilation.”

Overwrought Orwellian fear mongering or a much-needed warning shot across our bow? Whatever you decide, it should at least give you pause and food for thought as you prepare to regale the blogosphere with your next political rant, religious epiphany or much-too-descriptive account of that nagging case of gout in your big toe.

I don’t know, maybe we’ve already reached the point where “resistance is futile.” If so, I hope I get a headset that’s at least half as cool as the one old Locutus is wearing.

  1. contratimes

    My dear Mike,

    It seems I am a liability: you link to me and you get a goose egg for comments (sans mine) though fore and aft your posts nearly topple with visitor comments. As one liberal (former) friend said to me, “You conservatives suck the life out of living.” Actually, I think he said that I suck the life out of living. He’s probably right. I mean, if my impact on your site’s comments meter is any indication of my life-giving qualities, I must be dead.

    Thank you — again — for the word of encouragement.



  2. mike the eyeguy

    It’s ok, Bill, I’m in it for the truth, not to harvest copious comments.

    Oh, that is such a lie!

    I’m sure they were all stunned by the film and were merely at a loss for words…

  3. contratimes

    Yes, yes, ‘stunned’ is the apt word.

    I cannot imagine that you would lie about a thing.



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