I Think I Found It!

Yet another indication that President Bush may actually care about black people, contrary to what is popularly alleged, has turned up in the news. On Wednesday, the President held a lunchtime tete-a-tete with pop’s most famous human rights and AIDS crusader frontman Bono of the megagroup U2. Picking up where they left off at the G8 summit in July, the two discussed various topics including African AIDs relief, malaria control and world poverty.

Never short of chutzpah in the presence of world leaders, Bono has actually been very complimentary of Bush lately. In a Rolling Stone Magazine interview set to hit newstands today, Bono praises the POTUS for his administration’s $15 billion dollar outlay for African AIDS relief, much of which is being used to purchase and distribute needed anti-retroviral drugs. This is in contrast to the Clinton administration’s $300 million. As you might recall, that disparity was enough to even get Richard Gere’s attention.

What an odd pair–a self described evangelical whose “iPod One” is full of George Jones and Alan Jackson, working together with a self-described “loud-mouthed Irish rock star” whose Christian faith is nothing if not unorthodox. Is this a cynical photo-op designed to prop up sagging opinion polls, or perhaps a sign of the “breaking-in” reign of Christ that so many are hoping for? You be the judge.

As for Bono, when it comes to a listening ear for his pleas, maybe he really has found what he’s looking for.

  1. Anonymous

    I’m sure Bono is a *more* orthodox Christian than Bush, judging from reported statements by both men.

  2. mike

    Hey Anon, thanks for stopping by.

    Since I don’t know which reported statements you’re referring to, I can’t offer too much in reply other than to say that it was not my intent to imply that Bush’s evangelical faith trumps Bono’s more freewheeling style.

    My point was that it was kinda nice seeing two people with such different approaches to God breaking bread together and discussing such substantive issues. Seems to me there’s a place at the table for both of them. Hopefully you would agree with that, maybe not.

    The president may not have a silver tongue, but with African AIDS relief at least, he has put his money where his mouth is and I think on that issue the facts speak for themselves.

  3. extremist

    Mike, a slight correction. Technically, Bush is putting our money where his mouth is. 🙂 Well, to be even more precise, since Congress has the spending power, it is they who put our money where Bush’s mouth is.

    Thanks for linking to my blog by the way!

  4. mike

    Point well taken. I’m counting on a Beltway guy like yourself to keep me straight on all things DC! 😉

  5. contratimes

    Hello Mike!

    Great post. I am pleased to have found you. I feel like I’ve found a friend. (I feel that way with extremist, too.)

    FYI: I offer a long-winded follow-up to your wonderings about the Real Presence over at Occasional Outbursts. Just thought you should know that you did not enter the fray too late.

    Egads! A fellow Chesterton fan! How grand! Such serendipity!

    Last night I sat on a stool in Borders and looked up all the GKC references in what looks like a great book, Alan Jacob’s new C.S. Lewis bio, The Narnian: The Life and Imagination of C.S. Lewis. There were a couple of wonderful quotes of GKC’s, and a great description of his tremendous character and gigantic jocularity. And the Jacob’s book has some great reviews. Looks like a must get.

    Anyhow, peace to you, fight the good fight, and celebrate your three sons every second of the day,


    I could use a new optometrist, but I’m wary of the commute. Here’s my prescription: can’t see much beyond my nose. Alas, I live in a full-time Renoir world (to think Impressionism could have been diverted if those guys just wore glasses).

  6. mike


    Thanks for stopping by, I’m glad you enjoyed the post and that you found my humble little blog. I’ll defintely be checking out Contratimes regularly to see what you’re up to. Any friend of Jack and GKC’s is a friend “at first sight!” Speaking of which, has anyone ever told you that you look a little like Bono?

    Thanks for the tip on the new Lewis bio. Now you’ve given me an excuse to wander down to the local Barnes and Noble to “just look around.” I’m hoping that the upcoming Narnia movie will do for Lewis what the LOTR flicks did for Tolkien–introduce him to a whole new generation and inspire them to go back and read his books.

    I’ll trek back over to Ex’s site soon and follow up on the, ahem, “difficult passages” post.

    Keep on squinting!

  7. Jason Bybee

    I’m entering the discussion late, but I appreciated this post. Like you, As for your question, I’m one of the crazies who is always looking for the “breaking-in” of the Kingdom…

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