Settlin’ Down Me Ol’ Soul

Number Two Son and I are in Pensacola, Florida this morning. It’s not the first time I’ve been here with one of me lads.

And Pensacola means McGuire’s Irish Pub, a steroid-enhanced, Gatlinburg version of one that I’m sure a real Irishman would scoff at and probably scrap over if anyone dared to call it the real thing. Aye, I think he would.

But the filet was melt-in-your-mouth wonderful and the, ahem, “root beer” was just what the doctor ordered after a hard, six hour drive. We had a seat near the stage, so we got an earful of some loud and raucous Irish music, all of which bore the same basic theme–whiskey and fightin’.

Who knows, there may be a time and a place for both, but when it comes to settlin’ down me ol’ soul, nothing compares to this kind of Irish music.

All of ye have a great weekend.

  1. Laurie

    My husband is an Irish music fanatic — both listening and playing in his own pub band. I’ll bet I know all of the words to all of the songs you’re referring to, just through osmosis.

    We bought season tickets to Sounders FC (MLS soccer) this year. He is not a fan. I’m guessing I’m going to be listening to a lot of compensatory Irish music in the upcoming months.

    But at least they serve…um…root beer.

  2. Mike the Eyeguy

    The Sounders got a promotion from USL? Or is this a different team, same name? How’s the roster looking?

  3. Laurie

    What, you’re not up on my team? Why not? 🙂

    It’s not a direct promotion — Seattle was awarded the 2009 MLS franchise. Management came up with three horrible names and let the fans vote, with the option of a write-in. Write-ins took it with Sounders, expanded to Sounders FC to distinguish them from the USL club. Our owners are Joe Roth (Hollywood guy), Paul Allen (former Microsoft guy), Adrian Hanauer (Sounders USL owner and current GM) and Drew Carey. Yes, THE Drew Carey. Carey’s contribution is insisting on fans’ ability to get rid of the manager if desired, and a marching band.

    Sounders USL ownership won the ability to promote as many USL players as desired. They’ve currently signed three, I’m hoping for at least two more of “my” boys.

    Outside of that we have Freddie Ljungberg (Sweden and former Arsenal) as our DP, and also Kasey Keller, longtime goalkeeper from the European leagues and the US Men’s team. Oh, and we swiped coach Sigi Schmid from the MLS Cup-winning Columbus Crew, and kept Brian Schmetzer from the USL squad as an ass’t. And our Expansion Draft and SuperDraft players are looking interesting too.

    So, in short, I’m incredibly excited — not least by the fact that management and ownership look so…sane after the Galaxy. Hoping for an atypical expansion team first season.

  4. Mike the Eyeguy

    That is very exciting! That husband of yours is one lucky dude. If that reddish root beer like I had the other night doesn’t capture his fancy, then the marching band surely will.

    Well, the next obvious question is: Will the Sounders have a team page like the Galaxy and will you be the official manager/blogger?

    Because honestly, I can’t imagine anyone else in the universe besides you being able to do that proper justice! 🙂

  5. Mike the Eyeguy

    Ha, I knew it! All it took was one simple Google and I had the answer to my question here.

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