If You Think I’m Fickle…

If you think I’m fickle, changing World Cup allegiances faster than Jennifer Lopez changes husbands, then check out Englishman Michael Davies’ sudden infatuation with the Italian National Team.

Methinks he enjoys Die Nationalmannshaft’s demise just a little too much.

WARNING: If you have asthma, keep your inhaler close by while you read this. I should know.

With inhaler in hand, you might want to check out several of his other posts as well. He is by far the funniest and most insightful WC blogger out there (hat tip to JRB for pointing this one out to me).

Some other interesting WC blogs can be found at the International Herald Tribune (Roger Cohen), Soccer Sweep at USA Today and WorldCupBlog.org which contains blogs on all 32 teams.

I know I have a few potential converts to “The Beautiful Game” out there. Perhaps just a little bit more quality soccer reading will help seal the deal.

  1. hermit Jeremy

    then again, i know few who were born and bred under St George’s flag that would root for the deutschlanders, memories of fire-bombing and all that.

  2. Mike the Eyeguy

    I had similar thoughts as I read that. I loved the reference to the Pope. Do you think he’s catching a little grief from some of his Italian aides right about now?

  3. hermit Jeremy

    in the korea world cup there was a great shot of german nuns ecstatic over their team winning… a few even clasped their hands to their breasts and looked heavenward.

    i still wish i had kept that picture!

    ahh, poor cardinal ratzinger… oh, sorry, pope benedict xvi! this is what he gets for heading up the inquisitorial arm of the church for so many years!

  4. Mike the Eyeguy

    “He that liveth by the PK, dieth by the FG (Fabio Grosso).”

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