Eyeguy in the Sky

When I started Ocular Fusion 2.0 a couple of months ago, I gave you all fair warning that the retina in my header really works. Well, I wasn’t, as we say in these parts, “just whistling Dixie.”


City of Children, Ensenada, Mexico.jpg

Ok, maybe I did have a little help from the folks at Google Earth, but what you’re seeing is a nice satellite image of the City of Children in Ensenada, Mexico. Eyegal and Number Two Son have trekked there this week as a part of a missionary group from our church. Number Two is busy with some building projects, teaching VBS, playing soccer (an indispensable part of any mission effort) and generally enjoying hanging out with the kids there. Eyegal, as best I can tell, is busy cooking, teaching, manning the group’s laptop (a nice excuse for sending emails to yours truly), and holding and caring for muchos bebitos.

I especially like that last part since I know that Eyegal still has a lot of pent-up maternal energy that needs an outlet, and she sure isn’t going to be getting any help from me in that department.

I found Ensenada easily enough and was pleased that it was one of the areas on Google Earth with exceptional resolution. I then proceeded to ask in an email for the general location of the orphanage. Better yet, I figured that some rocket scientist down there (Huntsville has a few of those) would have a GPS device tucked away in his pocket protector, and sure enough, I was right. With the exact coordinates in hand, it was a piece of cake to zero in on the precise location.

So if you’re down Ensenada way and happen to be reading this, beware that the Eyeguy in the Sky is watching your every move. Eyegal, you put that bebito back right now!

Actually, there’s someone watching over them who’s much more capable than me, and it’s into His safekeeping that I commit them all with my prayers hasta la vista.

  1. Donna

    Google Earth is one of the coolest things out there….When I returned from Mobile my husband showed me the courts I had been playing on…..I see how it is with you guys!

  2. Mike the Eyeguy

    Gadgets, GPS devices and Google Earth–indispensable items in any geek’s pocket protector.

  3. Brady

    Hi Mike:

    Two of my kids head for San Diego then Ensenada today. They will be building a house too with a group from Long Beach, Oregon and Arlington, VA.

    30 odd years ago I made trips to Ensenada with youth from Fresno. At the time, there were but two buildings, very primitive. We slept outside and mixed concrete in the cut off top of an old car. After about 7 visits, I think they were up to 10 buildings and lots of kids.

    I’m glad our kids will get to do it this year.

    The offer stands for 2008…

  4. Mike the Eyeguy


    Amazing how paths cross and webs are woven as we journey together with the God!

    Our group has started a blog with some good photos–go here.

    I haven’t talked with Eyegal about your Euro 2008 offer, but I don’t think I would get any objections. Her parents lived in Brussels for several years, so she loves Europe (and soccer too) and would go back at the drop of a hat.

  5. Brady

    Thanks for the link. I did NOT recognize the place. It has really changed.
    Hope you survive without the wife.

  6. Mike the Eyeguy

    Nancy French,

    I think I accidentally erased your comment (I’ve been getting hit hard with spam trackbacks and have been deleting comments left and right). Here it is:

    “You are a good man to stay home and man the fort while everyone is out and about! I bet she’ll have stories to tell of her adventures!”

    Thanks, that’s kind of you to say so, but truth be told she’s the better person for being down there and doing what she’s doing. And yes, I am looking foward to hearing of her adventures.

    Sorry, gotta go clean up the “Man Cave” before Eyegal gets home!

  7. Mike the Eyeguy

    Brady, I’m going to tell my wife to try to find your kids and say hello. Our group leaves early Friday, so it sounds like there’ll be some overlap on Thursday.

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