Tank Talks

Click here to listen to Harding grad Torrance “Tank” Daniels talk about what it’s like to be a rookie hoping to make the final cut with the Philadelphia Eagles.

I’m no expert on the pro game, but I view the fact that Tank is being interviewed for the official Eagles website as a very positive sign that his prospects are good. I also suspect that he’ll get even more field time tonight against the Browns after such a fine debut against the Raiders.

Go Tank, Go Bisons, Go Eagles (for now anyway…).

  1. Mark elrod

    I’m watching the game right now on the Eagles football network.

    On the first play on defense that Tank was in on at the start of the 4th quarter, the Eagles intercepted and now the Eagles offense is eating up the clock.

    Tank’s also been in on special teams; I haven’t seen him make a tackle yet.

  2. Mike the Eyeguy

    I saw that the Eagles won. However, I just scanned the final stats and I didn’t see Tank’s name anywhere, so apparently he didn’t touch an opposing player last night in a way that showed up on the charts. Hopefully, he still did some good stuff that still caught the coaches’ eyes.

    Hey, he’s a long shot, but isn’t Philly the city of longshots? First Rocky, then Vince Papale, now Tank. Go Tank.

  3. Mark elrod

    He was in on maybe 12 plays from scrimmage. He did get physical once with a guy who threw a late hit at him, but nothing serious.

    Tank’s listed as 3rd on the depth chart, so I imagine he’ll really have to fight for playing time.

    I’m going to ask my brother about him later; he’s the Eagles fanatic.

  4. Nancy

    Dearest Mr. Tank,

    In case you are reading this blog, I feel obliged to tell you to run far far away from Philadelphia. The Eagles may be good, but their fans are a tad crazy. Seriously, we need to talk before you sign any contract. have your people call mine.


  5. Tank

    Thanks for the advice Nancy. I know you’ve been there and must know a thing or two about the “City of Brotherly Love.”

    If I can ever figure out who my people are, they’ll be in touch.

  6. Nancy


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