Karing About Katie

katie1.jpgWell, the kritics have spoken. Among them: Kronkite himself. His konklusion? Katie is OK.

But still, kurious minds want to know–does anybody really kare?

(Note: I’m not anti-Katie. I think she’s kinda kute–and perky. I’m just asking).

  1. Hal

    “Whoop-dee-doo” is what comes to my mind. No, I don’t really kare.

    Walter giving Katie some kudos is a little like one government agency telling another that it’s doing a good job. It sort of rings hollow to me. It’s kind of what I expect one former liberal reporter to say to a new liberal reporter. I would also expect Fox News to jump on the story that no one really cares.

    What’s the deal with Walter’s eyebrows anyway? His hair and mustache are well groomed, but it looks like he has two, white, scared cats over his eyes.

  2. Ed

    I haven’t seen the national evening news in quite some time (i.e., years). I expect Katie to do ok, but I don’t care one way or the other. If Walter was still on, however, I expect that I would be tuning in much more frequently. Walter is looking good for his age, but that can probably be attributed to the “doctoring” of his photo 🙂

  3. Mike the Eyeguy

    Like many millions of kurious Amerikans, I watched Katie the first night. I thought she was OK, although she read the teleprompter a little too slowly for my taste. All in all, it wasn’t interesting enough to lead me to return for a second helping.

    Hal, the eyebrows are a problem, but you know as well as I do what happens to grooming habits after the age of 85.

    Walter needs to go see my Korean hair stylist, Faith.

    Faith: “Your eyebrow need trimming?” (meaning: “Your unibrow is thicker than a tumbleweed and I need to hack away at it with my machete”).

    Me: “Yeah, whatever Faith. Have at it.”

  4. tom

    Hi Mike,
    Just checking in again after a long absence. I care nought what Katie do. As for football: Colorado is 0-3 with no convictions. Go Buffs (with emphatic irony)!

  5. Mike the Eyeguy

    Tom, forget the Buffs and stick with Air Force. They’ve got to be pumped up after almost beating TN at Neyland.

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