An Office With A View–A Redux

After a stunningly fine weather weekend in Huntsville (sunny, temperature in the low 70s), today the forecast calls for windy conditions and up to an inch of rain.

When I look out my office window today, I don’t expect to be tempted too heavily. But that doesn’t mean I won’t have a great view.

(Note: Last time I checked, this was still Eyegal’s favorite post).

  1. Ed

    That’s interesting because I have never read that article. Not sure how I missed it. I moved to a desk with a window view several years ago, which is a rare in this building. I was told it was my promotion 😮 I do enjoy pondering life as I gaze out the window.

  2. Mike the Eyeguy

    That was the second post I ever wrote.

    Number One, as you know, goes to a H.S. with no windows. He and his fellow inmates refer to it as “The Penitentiary” and it’s not hard to see why. It was built in the early 70s, back when educational theorists believed that decreasing outside visual stimuli would enhance learning.

    Now, take a look at the new Huntsville High–windows galore. So much for educational theorists and their fads. One of Huntsville’s favorite taunts (aside from “Grissom Sucks!”) is “We’ve got windows!” (beat, beat, beat, beat, beat) “We’ve got windows!”

  3. Ed

    I went to Grissom in my freshman year and I remember the absence of windows. In fact, both buildings were symmetrically shaped (hex or oct?) and it took me about 4 weeks to figure it out.

  4. Mike the Eyeguy


    I’ve gone to Parent’s Night every year and still get lost. I hate trying to navigate the “pods.”

    I stand corrected: Grissom was built in 1969. In fact, here’s a photo of the “new” school taken at the time (click here).

    Much has changed in Huntsville since those days.

  5. Nancy

    When you hang out with people, or meet them for the first time, do you notice their eyes more than a normal person?

  6. Mike the Eyeguy

    I really start with a person’s whole face from a 3-4 feet away since that’s the way I start an exam (sort of an “aerial view”). Then I zero in on the eyes. And yes, I probably notice eyes more than the average person (or at least more about them).

    The one thing I haven’t been able to do yet is to look into a person’s eyes and see their soul. Believe me, I’ve tried.

  7. lAURA

    Don’t even get me started on the school with no windows. What were they thinking. The medical reviews that all humans need daylight, helps increase mood decrease depression, they need vitamin D to live; I could go on. Vitamin D issues have been around since 1922 which was before the school was built. Well I have started here goes: I thought you would like this one Mike: Views provided by windows contribute to eye health by providing frequent changes in focal distance, which helps to relax eye muscles. Only you know if this one is true. Your body needs 30 minutes of sunlight a day. Two hours a day is ideal. I know you can get it from fluorescent but God created the Sun so if it promotes health why not let it into the school building naturally. Wow it might cut down on the electric bill. Also, I have no way to prove this but why do the kids not get sick when they are home and as soon as they go to school the nose starts running, etc. I know part of this is they are in close quarters and bringing germs from everywhere but some of it is the mold in the school. There is way too much mold in that school kids have taken pictures of it and wouldn’t it be nice to open a window in a classroom where the carpet is wet from the condensation from the air conditioner. Oh wait I forgot “we can’t we have no windows”. I know there is nothing I can do about this and my kids are fine and have gotten and are getting a good education. It just annoys me that anyone would want to build a building for kids with no windows. I think the architect must have just gotten out of prison. Sorry, this is why I do not have my own blog because I am afraid of what I might say and my mom used to embarrass me bad talking before she thought. I know this will not make a diff. if me or my family make it to heaven it just is one of those pet peeves that you touched on for me. Will let rest from now on I have said my peace and it makes no diff.

    Mike you dissappoint me that you cant see into one’s soul yet. Isn’t it fun to hear what everyone notices first when meeting or speaking to someone. I notice teeth first. Don’t ask me why I just do. Maybe I am jealous that I don’t have pearly whites myself.
    Fav. miracle: Raised Jairus’ daughter – just love the determination by Jairus as we would all have as a parent to do anything to help our children. Put into perspective we should deligently seek to instill in them (our children) the word of God so that we can all be raised to heaven one day and be together. Has lots of lessons but this seems to be one of my fav. short and sweet. We would all love to heal children so they did not have to suffer, which is hard to believe that there will be no tears or suffering in heaven. Thanks for letting me sound.

  8. Mike the Eyeguy


    You’re right, the lack of windows starts to lose it’s humor when you consider the large number of kids at Grissom who have respiratory ailments from the indoor pollution and mold (it’s one of the main reasons our asthma-prone #2 is not enrolled there).

    And yes, it’s good for the eyes too to have windows. No, let’s just call it like it is–it’s good for the soul!

    Preach on sister!

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