Beware: Another Soccer Post Coming

We may have layed an egg at Copa with our inexperienced crew, but our U-20s are making some noise north of the border at the more junior World Cup.

Here’s some video of our 6-1 trouncing of Poland, including Adu’s neat hat trick.

Next up: USA v. Brazil. Adu v. Pato–should be a good one.

UPDATE 7/7: USA 2 Brazil 1! The U-20 Stars and Stripes book passage to the Round of 16, and Brazil, well, they’ll just have to wait and see if they advance. The lethal combination of Adu to Altidore did the damage up top, and US keeper Chris Seitz had a magnificent match, deflecting and/or smothering a barrage of dangerous opportunities. Despite being outshot and for the most part outpossessed by the technically superior Canarinho, we worked hard and finished well when it counted. As Adu said after the match, “the harder you work, the luckier you get.”

  1. Laurie

    I didn’t follow the Copa at all — why read the book when you know the ending? I do wish our Comcast carried the U-20s, though. That will be a good one.

    On a somewhat related note, my friend Tom just posted something I wrote on his wonderful new blog “Pitch Invasion.”

    My piece is about the beginnings of my obsession with French soccer. His blog is all about soccer/football fans and fan culture around the world. If you’d ever like to write something for the site, let me know and I’ll make the introductions, maybe link him to your great “Allez les Vieux” post. He’s a very nice guy. British, twenty-something, a PhD candidate in history at Univ. of Chicago. His blogs seem to be where all of the soccer intelligentsia hang out.

    I think my next project will be on the trafficking of African boys with soccer potential — a disturbing trade with a twenty-first century slavery feel.

    So if inspiration strikes and you’d like to write for a somewhat bigger soccer audience, let me know.

  2. Mike the Eyeguy

    Laurie, that’s a wonderful post you wrote at Pitch Invasion. Here it is for any soccerphiles who might want to read it.

    I just realized it’s been almost a year to the day that I wrote “Allez, les Vieux” (here it is as well).

    Soccer intelligentsia? Well, they might find a lot of nits to pick with most of my mundane stuff, but if you wanted to send Tom “Allez, les Vieux,” I’d be honored to have him read it. Thanks for thinking of me.

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