Horton Hears a Hooah in Huntsville!

Breaking news: I’m pleased to report the that the City of Huntsville, Alabama has finished in first place in 20th Century Fox’s “Horton Hears You–Hometown Challenge.”

Last Thursday, citizens of Huntsville, bolstered by a large contingent of soldiers from Redstone Arsenal, stood in front of the Von Braun Civic Center prior to the Huntsville Havoc vs. Columbus Cottonmouths hockey game and let loose a loud barbaric yawp which reportedly red-lined decibel meters and tickled seismographs as far away as Tupelo, Mississippi.

By winning, those who participated receive free passes to a special Huntsville premiere prior to the nationwide release of “Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears a Who” on March 14th. They out yelled a distinguished list of also-rans which included Fresno, California, West Orange, New Jersey and a large crowd gathered at New York City’s Central Park.

Video of the event can be seen here. And yes, the contest will also be shown in a featurette prior to the movie.

Way to go Huntsville, and special thanks to the soldiers of Bravo and Charlie Companies of the 832nd Ordnance Battalion. Perhaps Sgt. 1st Class Steven Walker put it best:

I didn’t have any doubt that we would win. You get a bunch of soldiers together and give them an objective and mission, and they’ll do the best they can. I just got my voice back (Monday) from yelling.

Hooah, Sgt Walker. And Hooah Huntsville. Enjoy the movie.

  1. Brady

    I thought I heard something before boiling that dust speck. Ahhhh. It was Huntsville. Or was it Fresno?

  2. Mike the Eyeguy

    Brady, it took me a second, but now I remember…

    “Boil that dustspeck, boil that dustspeck, boil that dustspeck…”

    Did you hear it all the way over there? Wow, that’s loud.

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