The Huntsville Times’ McCarter Covers Beijing

The Huntsville Times‘ very own sports reporter and columnist Mark McCarter is wheels down in Beijing and already up and reporting.

I may check in with our intrepid man on the ground in the Olympic village a little later and have him check to see if Ocular Fusion has been blocked by Chinese censors.

With all the crap I’ve been throwing their away about that LUNG-CHOKING SMOG, I wouldn’t be surprised.

UPDATE: No need to check with McCarter after all. I checked here, and it looks like Ocular Fusion is still up and running behind The Great Firewall of China:

Website Test Results

Tested From: Beijing, China
Tested At: 2008-08-06
16:28:37 (GMT -04:00)
Resolved As:
Status: OK
Response Time: 3.388 sec
DNS: 1.208 sec
Connect: 0.273 sec
Redirect: 0.000 sec
First Byte: 0.720 sec
Last Byte: 1.187 sec
Size: 65913 bytes

Well, we’ll see long that lasts…