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Schadenfreude–It Feels So Right

Main Entry: scha·den·freu·de
Pronunciation: 'shä-d&n-"froi-d&
Function: noun
Usage: often capitalized
Etymology: German, from Schaden damage + Freude joy
: enjoyment obtained from the troubles of others

–Merriam Webster’s Online Dictionary

For a Duke fan like myself, there’s nothing that could ever make up for the Blue Devils’ shameful first round exit against VCU or for Lindsey Harding’s two missed free throws with practically no time remaining against Rutgers on Saturday (bless her heart). But there is something that comes close.

There is this:


Now I know there’s something slightly askew and unseemly about obtaining enjoyment and satisfaction from the woes of others.… Read the rest

March Madness Memories

I have my share of March Madness Memories, both good and bad.

Among the bad–last year, when I finished dead last in my own pool and looked on in agony as the fabulous Blue Devil duo of Redick and Williams ended their otherwise stellar careers on a down note to LSU.

But anytime your favorite team plays deep into the tourney or wins it all, it’s a good year; and needless to say, as someone who bleeds Blue Devil Blue, my good years far outweigh the bad. Of course, barring divine intervention, Duke will not go far this year (I have them making the Sweet 16 after eliminating perennial tournament underachiever Pitt, then falling to UCLA), and considering my poor track record in prognostication, I turn my attention this morning to some good March Madness memories from the past.… Read the rest

Yawp! We’ve Got a Pulse!

I sound my barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world.

–Walt Whitman

For a while it was Boston Tea Party II, but an Eagle run made it relatively close in the end. But still, we’ve got a pulse and the topsy-turvy ACC is shaken up a bit more. Perhaps all that talk of Duke being “on the bubble” hath been overdone.

Now I’ll have to turn right around and pull for BC against Carolina on Saturday–this is all very confusing.

To Number Two Son, who apparently became quite concerned over my health and that of other family members when my upper brain shut down as Duke’s 24-point lead dwindled to six and I began rearranging the family room furniture, I offer these words:

Next time, duck a little quicker.… Read the rest

Dirty (Duke) Business

I know some of you are sitting around salivating over the prospect of my mentioning this, so I thought I would go ahead and get the dirty (Duke) business over with.

I might add, as if it weren’t as obvious as a Tar Heel working the French fry machine at McDonald’s, that this wouldn’t even be news if Duke wasn’t so stinkin’ good year in and year out anyway.

So, what does a loyal fan do when his beloved team tanks in February? He sucks it up and passes right through the fire with them. ‘Tis always darkest before the dawn.… Read the rest

Duke Forever

dukebluedevilszh.GIFOh well, one out of two ain’t bad.

UNC’s Lady Heels ran into a whole “latta” trouble last night on their home floor, losing 64-53 to the Lady Devils in a battle of unbeatens. At 25-0, the Duke women now must do what they have been unable to before–close things out in the Final Four. I have a feeling that this is their year.

It’s probably no coincidence that one of Duke’s best players has the last name of Harding. It wouldn’t be the first time that sort of convergence has taken place.

He-devils or she-devils, it makes no difference to me.… Read the rest

Do You Want to Hear Something Really Scary?

Things I love about this time of year:

  • Cooler, crisp weather and the extra spring in my step during my morning run.
  • The pageantry and thrill of college football (Roll Tide!)
  • Midnight Madness, and the beginning of college basketball season (Go Duke!)
  • The MLB playoffs and World Series (Go Cards! Please?)
  • Watching (and coaching) my sons play soccer
  • Having a fine dinner with Eyegal and driving home with the top back and the windows down
  • Catching a glimpse of God in the bushes and trees which are just starting to burn with the fiery colors of fall
  • Pumpkins. And the sweet aroma of decay emanating from piles of fallen leaves

Things I hate about this time of year:

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A Tale of Two Hats


The weekend has concluded, the Tide hung in there for a while but didn’t escape from “The Swamp” and “Wide Right Jesus” is still signaling “no good.”

But unless the world screeches to a halt and stops spinning on its axis, the Crimson Nation should be be smiling next week at this time after dismantling one of the nation’s most feeble college football teams, the Duke Blue Devils. I suspect the boys from Durham are making a handsome sum for showing up in Tuscaloosa for their thrashing. Duke lost their Homecoming game 37-0 to UVa on Saturday, so look for Saturday’s game to get butt ugly very quickly.… Read the rest

Beyond the Bling

p1_wadehinrich.jpgIn one of the quieter sports stories of the summer, the U.S. Mens basketball team has been marching steadily forward in the FIBA World Championships in Sapporo, Japan. There was a time when U.S. teams took World Championship and Olympic gold medals for granted. But in recent years, a new generation of international basketball players has humbled American hoopsters, resulting in an embarrassing 6th place finish in the last World Championships and a disappointing bronze in the 2004 Olympics in Athens.

So what’s different this time around? Two words: Coach K. Duke Head Coach and master motivator Mike Krzyzewski took over the reigns of the National Team last year and immediately went to what USA Today appropriately called Plan B–a true team.Read the rest

It Was a Shell of a Game

It pains me to write it (and probably for you to read it), but the Maryland Terrapins 78-75 overtime defeat of the Duke Blue Devils in the women’s NCAA basketball final was–a “shell of a game.”

Down by 13 points in the second half, the Lady Terrapins fought their way back and tied the game with six seconds left in regulation on freshman Kristi Toliver’s tough-as-nails three pointer over the out-stretched finger tips of 6’7″ Duke center Alison Bales. They then went on to hit several crucial free throws in the overtime session to give Coach Brenda Frese her first national title as a Terrapin.… Read the rest

That’s Why They Call It a Team Sport

The Florida Gators are the 2006 NCAA mens college basketball champions after a convincing 73-57 thrashing of the UCLA Bruins. With four starters in double figures and another reserve with nine points, the Gators feasted on a little bear and demonstrated definitively that it takes a full team to run the gauntlet to an NCAA title, not one or two consensus All Americans. Congrats to Donovan and crew (I guess). I know I should be more excited about an SEC team taking home the title, but we’re talking Florida here folks. I just can’t seem to get the bad taste of Steve Spurrier out of my mouth even after all these years.… Read the rest

Monday Morning Musins’

The weekend has come and gone, and things are, well, different, than they were just a few days ago. For one thing, we are back on daylight savings time and although I awoke at my usual “rise and shine” 5:30AM the clock says it is actually 6:30AM, and therefore I don’t have my usual amount of time to write and post. So, in the interest of time and our short 21st century attention spans, I’ll go about this in bulleted fashion. If you sat through an Hour of PowerPoint at church yesterday, please accept my apologies beforehand.

  • Nancy Grace has given up on her Church of Christ cult hunt (not enough “traction” apparently) and has turned her keen journalistic eye and prosecutorial Death Ray from the Winkler case to the Duke Lacrosse Team
Read the rest

Hey Nike, I Told You Average Joes Are Cool!

A while back in my post Hey Nike, I’m Your Man!, I made the case that large megacorporations such as the Winged Goddess of Victory should take a look at “Average Joes” (such as yours truly) instead of professional athletes when it comes to endorsements and ad campaigns. What better way to connect with the Common Man or Woman than to feature one of their own, struggling to balance their mundane, workaday duties with the ongoing obligation to fitness and athletic achievement?

Well, Nike still hasn’t called me to endorse the Air Max 360, but apparently somebody’s been reading my blog!… Read the rest