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Here She Comes Again

Visitor Analysis

Google Search String: Nike Cortez history

Date: 25th June 2007

Time: 12:02:45

Host Name:

Country: United States

Region: Oregon

City: Beaverton

ISP: Nike Incorporated

Visit Length: 2 mins 18 secs


Our Lady of Perpetual Branding is back again and checking out my blog. Only this time, she stayed a full 2 minutes and 18 seconds! That means she actually lingered this time!

Now that I have her attention, what should I ask/tell her? I’m open to suggestions.… Read the rest

Verbal Sprawl

The more the words,
the less the meaning,
and how does that profit anyone?

–Ecclesiastes 6:11

How ironic that those words were spoken by someone named The Preacher.

We’re preparing to enter a season of senior sermons, baccalaureate services, keynote speeches and prayerful send offs. May all who dare to speak do so with modesty, a sense of the occasion, and a modicum of “fitly spoken” words.

Just say “no” to verbal sprawl.

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Oh My, Another Meme

Look out, here comes another meme.

More specifically ME has nominated me for a so-called “Thinking Blogger” Award which begs the question of what ME was possibly thinking (or smoking) when he did that.

But who am I to argue with His Lameness when a simple “thank you” should suffice? Of course, there are certain obligations to humanity which come with such heady accolades, and naming five more “Thinking Bloggers” is one of them, so here goes:

  1. Bill Gnade at Contratimes. Bill was one of my early acquaintances in the blogosphere and you’d be hard-pressed to find another wordsmith who paints such beautiful pictures with lyrical and soaring prose (and occasional poetry) like his.
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This is Neutrality?

swiss-guards.jpgSwitzerland, who has always fed us the line about how “oh, we don’t actually take sides,” finally showed their true colors (and they weren’t red and white) and stepped over the line, so to speak.

This is neutrality? Note to Swiss soldiers: Stand down; we’re on to you now. Just take off those ridiculous, multicolored baggy britches you guys call camo, toss us those Swiss Army knives and stack up your pikes in a big pile right over there.

When I heard the news, I immediately thought about my Swiss-based blogger friend Brady and hoped that he was keeping his head down and was okay.… Read the rest

The Lads In Orange


We’re on our way out of town to follow the fortunes of our Lads in Orange, otherwise known as the Grissom High School Tiger soccer team. They’ll be defending their title at the Island Cup Soccer Tournament in (appropriately enough) Orange Beach, Alabama.

Grissom is currently ranked #1 in the state, having won the Lakeshore Shootout in Birmingham a couple of weeks ago. Of course, rankings at this point of the season mean very little. What matters is being ranked #1 at the end of the day on May 12, 2007 at the close of the state championship.

We have the perfect storm of talent assembled this year, the majority of these kids having played with and against each other since they were 4-years-old.… Read the rest

The $32 Million Dollar Question

Someone reached my blog yesterday via the $32 Million Dollar Question:

Is Nick Saban an atheist?

I’m pretty sure MM didn’t give NS a religious litmus test.

On second thought, maybe he did.

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A Blogiversary and Some FAQs

On the occasion of my first blogiversary, I thought I would answer a few blogging FAQs (or at least some that you might like answered).

Q: When did you first hear about blogging?

A: Until Hurricane Katrina, I had never heard of blogging. But in the aftermath of the storm, I began reading blogs containing first-hand accounts from people in affected areas of the Gulf Coast and was hooked. I couldn’t believe how quickly and efficiently one could leap via links to so many different places, people and perspectives. I discovered several bloggers who were members of my particular denomination, the Church of Christ, as well as fellow Harding University alumni.… Read the rest